Canine Education: Get to know your dog

Learn to understand your dog and to educate him in the best way. We will teach you how to form a good bond through trust, you will be able to detect the root of their behavioral problems, understand how your dog’s brain works, what he needs in his daily life and much more!


> DTHD Canine Academy is a space for responsible tutors who love their dog and want to learn to understand him and help him to manage himself better.

> You will learn to get to know and connect with your dog through updated and science-based techniques, always keeping in mind your dog’s overall well-being.

> You will be able to put into practice everything you have learned in the final project and share it in the DTHD community, and see how other tutors like you apply the techniques with their dogs.

What will you learn in this Canine Education: Get to know your dog course?

> We will demystify some of the most common phrases said about dogs that are often not true.

> You will also learn why it is important to make your dog trust you. We will see a list of things you DO and DON’T do to get the best bond with your dog.

> We will teach you how your dog learns, how to use positive reinforcement correctly to improve his behavior, and why punishments are not necessary and often delay learning.


> DTHD Canine Academy es un espacio para tutores responsables que aman a su perro y quieren aprender a entenderlo y ayudarlo a gestionarse mejor

> Aprenderás a conocer y conectar con tu perro por medio técnicas actualizadas y basadas en la ciencia, siempre teniendo en cuenta el bienestar integral de tu perrito

> Podrás poner en práctica todo lo aprendido en el proyecto final y compartirlo en la comunidad DTHD, y ver cómo otros tutores como tú aplican las técnicas con sus perritos

¿Qué aprenderás en este curso Educacion Canina: Conoce a tu perro?

> Desmitificaremos algunas de las frases más comunes que se dicen de los perros y que muchas veces no son verdad.

> También aprenderás por qué es importante hacer que tu perro confíe en ti. Veremos un listado de cosas que SI y NO debes hacer para obtener el mejor vínculo con tu perro.

> Te enseñaremos cómo aprende tu perro, cómo usar el refuerzo positivo correctamente para mejorar su comportamiento y por qué los castigos no son necesarios y que muchas veces retrasan el aprendizaje

> Veremos qué es gestión emocional y cómo tu perro procesa la información usando el sistema límbico y la corteza cerebral. Entenderás, que cada conducta de tu perro tiene una parte racional y una emocional.

> Conocerás las necesidades de tu perro, para que puedas darte cuenta en qué puedes estar fallando y qué necesidad no estás satisfaciendo para evitar (o solucionar) problemas de conducta.

> Cerraremos el curso dándote algunas recomendaciones y con un proyecto final que podrás compartir con nosotras y la comunidad DTHD.



Education is a continuous process. Practice is the best tool to obtain the best results. Our courses will explain the reasons for their behaviors to help you understand them and make progress from the source of the problem.

Canine education: KNOW your dog

7 Modules -18 Classes -1h 26m total duration

1.1 Who are we and what will you learn in the course?

2.1 Disproving or confirming phrases you’ve probably heard before

3.1 Your dog must trust you

3.2 Things you should DO and DON’T do 

4.1 Classical conditioning

4.2 Importance of positive reinforcement

4.3 Punishments: are they necessary?

4.4 Don’t depend on the reward

5.1 Introduction to emotional management

5.2 Disobedience or lack of practice

6.1 Needs and stress 

6.2 Basic needs

6.3 Affective Needs

6.4 Natural Needs

6.5 Social Needs

6.6 Educational Needs

7.1 Final Project

7.2 Conclusions



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Alessia Bulnes

You are geniuses! I love learning more about respectful dog training with you!


José Adrián Volio Moya

I love that they use the connection between the dogs and the owner as a basis for training instead of the typical belief that you have to be the alpha and be aggressive.


Ainara Daniela Lopez Machicado

I love that they use the connection between the dogs and the owner as a basis for training instead of the typical belief that you have to be the alpha and be aggressive.


Ana Karen

I find it super interesting and I really want to learn. The way Leslie and Valery express themselves makes people not get bored and they can keep their attention on what they are explaining.


Daniel Velasquez Mansilla

Very practical and easy to understand, act for everyone who wants to learn more about dogs, recommended 10 out of 10.


Lovely Rodriguez

They are great, their advice is totally recommended and effective, since I met them my puppy is a happy and balanced dog, thanks a lot.