Seminar: Resource Protection



Does your dog growl at you when he is eating and you approach him?
Or when he has an object?
Or when he's lying on the couch and you walk by?
Has he bitten you when you try to take something out of his mouth?
Does he show aggressive behaviors when there are dogs near his toy?
This is probably resource guarding.

In this 2.5 hour seminar we will discuss everything you need to know to understand, prevent and properly address resource guarding.

We will work with up-to-date methods, without using punishments (which, as we will see in the seminar, make the situation worse), we will also look at bonding and trust work, teaching useful skills (such as "let go" and "no") and how to properly manage the environment to avoid conflict and reduce negative interactions with your dog,

You will learn:

> Why does your dog have these reactions to you, other people and/or other dogs?

> Things you can do when your dog comes home, whether puppy or adult, so that he does not develop resource guarding

What you should never do if you have a dog that is resource guarding > What skills to teach your dog to be resource guarding

> What skills you need to teach him to avoid conflicting interactions

> How to set up a work plan with progressions and considering different variables

> How to make a work plan with progressions and considering different variables

Online Seminar: Resource Protection

  1. Protecting is survival
  2. The importance of bonding
  3. Is protecting just grunting?
      Levels of resource protection
      1. Freezing
      2. Acceleration
      3. Grunting
      4. Showing teeth
      5. Biting in the air Biting with contact
  1. Actions we do when they are puppies that may cause them to protect a resource.
  2. What can we do to prevent them from developing RP from the moment they arrive home (puppy or adult)?  
  1. Punishments make the situation worse
  2. Wanting a quick solution
  1. Managing the environment and important considerations
  2. Build the work plan: regaining confidence Progressions and variables
  3. Teach the “let go Exchanges
  4. Non-informative and positive switches

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Alessia Bulnes

Son unas genias! Me encanta estar aprendiendo mas de lo que es la educacion canina respetuosa con ustedes!


José Adrián Volio Moya

Me encanta que usen la conexion entre los perritos y el dueno como base del adiestramiento en lugar de la tipica creencia de que hay que ser el alfa y ser agresivo.


Ainara Daniela Lopez Machicado

Me parece súper interesante y tengo muchísimas ganas de aprender. La manera en la que Leslie y Valery se expresan hace que la gente no se aburra y puedan mantener su atención en lo que ellas están explicando.



Ana Karen

Esta clase me gusto muchisimo, espero la llegada de nuestra primera mascota y estaba muy nerviosa de no hacer las cosas correctas para el gracias a ustedes me siento mas segura de como hacer las cosas.


Daniel Velasquez Mansilla

Muy practico y sencillo de entender, acto para todo público que desee aprender más sobre los perros, recomendado 10 de 10


Lovely Rodriguez

son unas genial, sus consejos totalmente recomendados y eficaces, desde que las conoci mi cachorro es un perro feliz y equilibrado, mil gracias.

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