Do you need an individual session? Schedule a one-hour virtual consultation with us. Here we will help you understand your dog’s behavior and improve it. We will make an evaluation where we will take into account all aspects of his/her life (and yours), to give you a series of guidelines, exercises and changes in his/her routine that you can apply from day 1.


Dogs have emotions, and most behavioral problems are due to not knowing how to manage them correctly (yes, it is scientifically proven).

In order for you to help your dog manage himself better, you must first understand him, know what he needs from you and provide him with a suitable, stress-free environment. We will help you to do it!

Obedience is not synonymous with balance, since an obedient dog is not necessarily a balanced dog. We focus first on dogs having the capacity for self-management, following up-to-date techniques and always ensuring the physical and emotional health of the dog.

Punishment is not needed for the dog to learn a behavior and can be detrimental to the dog’s self-management.

Positive reinforcement not only works, it makes your dog feel more motivated and happy to do what you ask and improves his bond.

To reinforce a behavior you must know how to set up the behavior so that the dog does it voluntarily, know how to choose the correct reinforcer, have precise timing and, of course, know exactly what is being reinforced (and if learning is taking place). ).

Obedience is nothing more than reinforcing correct behavior and lots of practice.

This is our favorite word, because we really believe that without a connection you have nothing.

And let’s make this clear: your dog does not want to dominate you and you do not need to be his alpha to achieve a successful coexistence.

Respect must be mutual, it is not unilateral. Respecting your dog does not mean not setting limits, it means respecting his needs, respecting his communication, respecting natural behaviors of the species and learning to compromise on certain things. Respect is not imposed, it is earned, and believe me you will not earn it by intimidating him with alpha rolls or punishments.

Your dog needs to trust you, he needs you to understand him, he needs to feel safe, he needs to be able to make decisions, he needs freedom, he needs to play with you, have fun with you. But above all, he needs your help.

You must be his guide, his emotional support and the one who teaches him to grow towards balance.

If you’re looking for someone to do all the work for you… then you’ve come to the wrong place.

We are firm believers that the best way to solve a problem is by helping you to understand it, to know why it acts that way and what the real cause and origin of the problem is.

Our goal is that you will be able to guide your dog and that you have enough knowledge so that you do not always need our help.

¿Quieres mejorar la vida de tu perro?

Te parecen conocidos estos problemas?

Reacciona cuando ve a otro perro ladrándole pero al acercarse baja su cola y es como si tuviera miedo pues se esconde detrás mío, igual le tiene un poco de miedo a las personas pues agacha su cabeza cuando ve que acercan su mano.

Nose por donde empezar .. es muy imperativa y no hace obedece y sobre todo no puede sociales cada vez que se hacer a a un perro a ella ella ladra y ataca haci este un metros de ella.

A mi me cuesta mucho poner límites sin dañar la relación-vinculo o confianza de mi perro, tampoco se como lograr que mi perro sea un perro equilibrado y que tenga buena socialización

Hace unos días un niño se acercó y le dije que por favor no lo hicieron pero al ver que mi perrita ladraba y me jalaba porque se quería ir, le pareció gracioso y nos comenzó a seguir.

He adoptado a una perra pitbull que no tiene 2 años todavía  es poco sociable con las hembras y esta muy territorial

Estoy interesado en lograr paseos tranquilos, aprenda ciertas instrucciones tanto en casa como fuera de ella.

Follow these steps:

Step 1

Buy the product and make the payment. Don’t forget to fill out the questionnaire.

Step 2

Send the requested videos and schedule your personalized 1-1 sessions

Step 3

Receive a full assessment and diagnosis along with a comprehensive action plan

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Alessia Bulnes

They are geniuses! I love learning more about respectful canine education with you!


José Adrián Volio Moya

I love that they use the connection between the puppy and the owner as the basis of training instead of the typical belief that you have to be the alpha and be aggressive.


Ainara Daniela Lopez Machicado

I find it super interesting and I really want to learn. The way in which Leslie and Valery express themselves makes people not get bored and they can keep their attention on what they are explaining.



Ana Karen

I really liked this class, I await the arrival of our first pet and I was very nervous about not doing the right things for him, thanks to you I feel more confident about how to do things.


Daniel Velasquez Mansilla

Very practical and easy to understand, an act for everyone who wants to learn more about dogs, recommended 10 out of 10


Lovely Rodriguez

They are great, their advice is totally recommended and effective, since I met them my puppy is a happy and balanced dog, thank you very much.


Ainara Daniela Lopez Machicado

Me parece súper interesante y tengo muchísimas ganas de aprender. La manera en la que Leslie y Valery se expresan hace que la gente no se aburra y puedan mantener su atención en lo que ellas están explicando.



Charly Saantiago

En verdad dio bastantes conceptos a mejorar y entender muchísimo a nuestras mascotas, como algunos de los comentarios aquí mis perritos ya están grandes y ahora es la lucha de quitarles esa mala educación, que sin querer nosotros mismos pusimos sin saber pero bueno, a mejorar cada día y saber como darles una mejor atención….


Malena Duque

Me gusto mucho por que me ba ayudar a entender mas a mi perrita y poder interactuar ,mejor con ella y educarla enserio muchas gracias por poner este contenido y con mas razon por que estaba gratis y yo no puedo pagar enserio muchas gracias por el contenido que me servira mucho .


Daniel Velasquez Mansilla

Muy practico y sencillo de entender, acto para todo público que desee aprender más sobre los perros, recomendado 10 de 10


Elizabeth Melissa Preciado González

Va muy bien, creo que no hice las cosas mal con MIA y aunque es una perrita de pandemia aun le falta socializar con otros perros y nose bien como!



Ana Karen

Esta clase me gusto muchisimo, espero la llegada de nuestra primera mascota y estaba muy nerviosa de no hacer las cosas correctas para el gracias a ustedes me siento mas segura de como hacer las cosas.

Understand your best friend and improve your relationship

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